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The Role of the Ecological Other in Contesting Postcolonial Identity Politics: Postcolonial Eco-Literature of J.M. Coetzee and Wu Ming-yi.


MOTS-CLÉS  THÈSE (5) : Postcolonial literature, Animal Ethics, Envrionmental Ethics, Ecocriticism, Taiwanese literature, South African Literature

This thesis focuses on the literary works of two contemporary writers, John Maxwell Coetzee (1940-, South African) and Wu Ming-yi (1971-, Taiwanese), whom it analyses as key exponents of “postcolonial eco-literature.” The thesis offers an interdisciplinary research study of postcolonial eco-literature in its theoretical, political and literary aspects. In regards to the theoretical aspect, it addresses the topic of how contemporary continental philosophy takes animals, nonhuman natural beings and environment into account and rethinks the philosophical question of the Other. With respect to politics, it aims to contextualise this philosophical questioning in the history of certain postcolonial countries, notably South Africa and Taiwan. The literary writings of Coetzee and Wu are not only able to provide a context for these theoretical and philosophical examinations. Most importantly, their texts depict an ecological Other, which ultimately is essential for contesting the postcolonial identity politics.
PUBLICATIONS [à présenter par ordre chronologique décroissant] :
Article in peer-reviewed journal
    Chang, Ti-han. “Éco-terrorisme ou éco-héroïsme: une Analyse littéraire de The Rice Bomber de Cho Li basé sur l’autobiographie de Yang Ju-men.” Atlantide. (Forthcoming in 2017) « A2 » + « A3 »
Book chapter
    Chang, Ti-han. “Excluding the Included: des Hommes Étrangers in Taiwan and France via Theories of Giorgio Agamben.” Identity, Belonging and Human Rights: A Multi-disciplinary Perspective. Ed. Nasia Hadjigeorgiou. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2016. 91-104.  « A1 » + « A3 »

COMMUNICATIONS [à présenter par ordre chronologique décroissant]
By invitation
    L’Asie à la rencontre de l’Afrique, Université Francophone d’Asie du Nord-Est, Séoul, Sept. 2013.
“Phénomènes sociopolitiques dans l’approche comparée des œuvres de Wu Ming-yi (Taïwan) et de J.M. Coetzee (Afrique du Sud).”« A1 » + « A2 »
By abstract submissions (2009-2016)
    EcoLitt Quelles écocritiques européennes ? (Defining European Ecocriticism), Université d’Angers, Angers, Jun. 2016.
“The ‘Voice(s) of Wounded Animals: Contextualizing the Postcolonial Eco-literature of J.M. Coetzee and Wu Ming-yi.”« A2 »
    13th EATS Annual Conference Powerful and Powerless, European Association of Taiwanese Studies, Prague, Mar. 2016.
“The Will of Change of an Individual: Yang Ju-men’s Social Activism in Agricultural and Environment.” « A3 »
    Journée d’Études EcoLitt Imaginaires de l’environnement dans la littérature et le cinéma asiatiques (Inde- Chine- Taïwan), Université de Nantes, Nantes, Apr. 2015.
“L’Éco-terrorisme ou l’éthique environnementale? : The Rice Bomber de Cho Li basé sur l’événement sociale du Yang Ju-men.”« A2 » + « A3 »
    Humanity and Animality in 20th and 21st Century Culture: Narratives, Theories and History, Interdisciplinary Conference, University College of London, London, Sept. 2014.
“From Poetic Language and Sympathetic Imagination to the ‘Voices’ of the Animal Other: An Analysis of the Postcolonial Eco-Literatures of J.M. Coetzee and Wu Ming-yi.”« A2 »
    8th Global Conference Multiculturalism Conflict and Belonging, Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Oxford, Sept. 2014.
“Des Hommes Étrangers in Taiwan and in France: Agamben on the Question of Exclusion / Inclusion.”« A3 »
    11th EATS Annual Conference Taiwan: Self v.s. Other, European Association of Taiwanese Studies, Portsmouth, Apr. 2014.
“The Role of the Ecological Other in Contesting Postcolonial Identity Politics- An Analysis of Wu Ming-yi Writings on Ecology.”« A1 » + « A2 »
    12th EastAsiaNet Research Workshop Future Cities and Space Configuration in East Asia: Practices and Representation, Risk and Opportunities, Université Lyon 3 Jean Moulin, Lyon, Oct. 2013.
“From Literary Imagination to a Space Reconfiguration: Wu Ming-yi’s The Man with Compound Eyes on Environmental Issues in Eastern Taiwan’s Urban and Tourism Development.”« A2 » + « A3 »
    Except Asia: Agamben’s Work in Transcultural Perspective, Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Jun. 2013.
 “Inclusion of the Exclusion: Des Hommes Étrangers in Taiwan and in France.” « A3 »
    Journée d’Études de Masters et Doctorants, CEFC, Taipei, Jun. 2013.
“La Production d’éthnicité aux pays postcoloniaux: Taïwana et Afrique du Sud.”« A1 »
    The Threefold Ecastasies of Sky, Earth and Human: Conference on Rewriting Environmentalism, Ecology and Aesthetics, Hong Kong Shue Yen University, Hong Kong Oct. 2009.
“Animals, Land and Ecological Reading in Postcolonial Context: J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace and Elizabeth Costello.”« A2 »


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